I Am Thankfully Undeserving!

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Yesterday I got back from a camping/hiking/rock climbing trip with my boy and some friends and it was a great trip to put things into perspective. Nothing like getting to lead climb a 40′ wall, hike 7 miles of boulder filled terrain or see a sky filled with wondrous lights of other planets to make you see that you are undeserving. I realize that can sound degrading about one self or humanity, but really for me personally it is the reason we need Jesus. I don’t just see nature at it’s finest, I also see Gods masterful paint brush strokes all around us. You are in that canvas and you are not just a happy accident, but a purposeful brush stroke on a canvas that spans light years!

This thanksgiving I am thankful for all that God has, is currently and is going to do with my life. I ask you to reflect on what God is revealing to you and step out in faith towards that. Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

I am undeserving and for that I am beyond thankful! -Daniel Kent

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    Nat Chittamai

    November 25, 2016 Reply
    The trip was so much fun! I wish we could do this again!